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We draw inspiration from the oceans and their immense biodiversity to develop active treatments for humans that are environmentally friendly.

Microalgae: an immense potential


Oceans harbor an incredible wealth of microalgae. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 species according to scientists.

These unicellular microorganisms constitute a relatively unknown treasure. Indeed, the molecules derived from them have been selected by evolution over more than 3 billion years to be highly effective for the organisms that contain them, and thus, to communicate, defend, and protect themselves from environmental stress.

This reservoir of biodiversity and chemical diversity constitutes a major source of innovation for BlueCare Discovery to develop new health applications: we refer to this as biomimicry.

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BlueCare discovery


The deeptech startup that develops and exploits the bioactive compounds of microalgae for health.

We believe that to have more impact, chronic diseases must be managed before the first symptoms appear, while patients only have early physiological markers.



The application field of innovative bioactive microalgae compounds is considerable for the Health sector; for instance, they could prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


With its proprietary platform, BlueCare will ultimately be able to offer solutions in the sectors of nutraceuticals, biomedicine, dermato-cosmetics, and animal health, contributing to the development of the huge potential of the microalgae industry.

1 in 8 people is believed to be affected by a neurodegenerative disease.

Among chronic diseases, there are those related to neurodegeneration.

55 million people are affected by Alzheimer’s today.

This figure is expected to triple by 2050.

*WHO data for the world

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Thank you to all our partners for your contribution to growing BlueCare and to revealing with us the potential of microalgae.

Imagination Machine, the impact startup studio

The BlueCare adventure could not have existed without the help and trust of bold and visionary people.

Imagination Machine is the start-up studio for good, founded in 2017 by Californian serial entrepreneur Rob Spiro. His mission? Identify ambitious opportunities, recruit talented entrepreneurs and act as co-founder for the long term.

The startups we develop aim to have a strong societal and environmental impact, driven by idealistic entrepreneurs who want to shape the world with their values.

The network of committed stakeholders at BlueCare Discovery

A Made in France adventure, the project is the result of numerous exchanges with all ecosystem players where kindness is the norm.

Directly or indirectly, everyone helps to strengthen the project along the entrepreneurial path, overcoming the many challenges that inevitably arise.

They are part of our network.