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Dr. Benoît SERIVE has been passionate about marine biodiversity and health issues for many years. He has been working in the field of marine bioresources valorization since 1997.

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Starting with a vocational training certificate in Marine Cultures through an apprenticeship, he supplemented his skills through an unconventional curriculum that led him to a Ph.D. in marine pharmacognosy and oceanography in 2012.

He then set up and won a European Marie Curie research program (OCEANChArCoT) for postdoctoral research in Australia at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery.

Throughout his career, Benoît has been the recipient of the 2006 vocation award from the Marcel Bleustein Blanchet Foundation, which strengthened his determination to achieve the projects that he holds dear.

Moreover, he has developed expertise in marine molecules of interest to human health since 2006, and more specific expertise in marine pigments since 2009.

Intent on infusing a lot of meaning and human values into a marine biotechnology project, he created the company BlueCare Discovery in 2022 with the support of the impact-driven startup studio Imagination Machine.


Serge Kinkingnéhun

Serge Kinkingnéhun


Serge is a HealthTech entrepreneur and an independent expert with BPI France for DeepTech and MedTech projects. He is a Qualified Personality for the Minister of Research, for the Minister of Industry, and for the Prime Minister’s office.

He has been part of the EIT Health jury and the BPI France i-nov competition.

Rob Spiro


Rob is a serial entrepreneur from California. He co-founded Aadvark before being acquired by Google where he worked on Google+ and Google Hangouts. Rob then founded the startup Good Eggs.

Today Rob is the founder and director of the Nantes-based impact startup studio Imagination Machine, where he has co-created successful startups in recent years such as Beem, Les Mini Mondes, and Smala.

Serge Kinkingnéhun
Sylvain Josse1

Sylvain Josse


Sylvain is a chemical engineer and healthcare entrepreneur. He heads the HC NEXT consultancy HC NEXT. He has participated in the development of several drug candidates, some of which are now approved for market. Its expertise lies in pharmaceutical drug development.

He is a member of the EIT Health jury.



Sustainable development


Among chronic diseases, there are those related to neurodegeneration. The UN has set Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to a better world tomorrow.

And BlueCare is firmly committed to contributing through its activities.


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Good health and well-being

By developing innovative bioactive compounds, BlueCare contributes to the health revolution towards the management of diseases before the first symptoms appear.

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Ultimately, with its bioplatform, BlueCare will offer solutions for various applications (dermatocosmetics, nutraceuticals, etc.), thereby contributing to the development of the enormous economic potential of the sector.

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Responsible Consumption and Production

BlueCare is committed to the optimized exploitation of produced biomasses. The various microalgae bioproducts constitute relevant bio-based alternatives to ingredients derived from petrochemistry.

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Measures related to the fight against climate change

Marine microalgae cultivation is by nature a virtuous biomass production method: no insecticides or pesticides from petrochemicals, no competition with drinking water needs, and yields up to 3x higher than terrestrial crops.

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Life Below Water

One Health – BlueCare embodies the era of sustainable “drug discovery”: the molecules developed must be stable and effective enough to reach their target without disrupting the environment once they have been expelled by the treated organism.

CSR Commitment


BlueCare’s CSR commitments go beyond the UN’s SDGs.
At BlueCare, quality of life at work and among all individuals is essential. Everyone should be able to thrive in their daily mission and work in a peaceful environment.


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Key values

Among all that characterizes us, we are fiercely committed to the simplicity of relationships, open-mindedness, integrity, and kindness. It’s not optional, life is far too short to spoil it!

We will give our best to ensure your experience with us is as good as possible.