BlueCare Discovery is an ambitious young Deeptech company that is committed to developing innovative health solutions from microalgae. If our values and mission resonate with you, we surely have a strong connection.
If you are meticulous, proactive, open-minded, and eager to contribute to the BlueCare adventure, we may have a position for you.

the mission

  • Co-construct the company’s strategy (financing, product, marketing, intellectual property, etc.) and ensure its development.
  • Find and maintain relationships with key partners for the company, especially industrial, academic, institutional, and even non-profit partners.
  • Recruit talent.
  • Participate in processes and ensure the monitoring of key metrics.

Desired profile


We are looking for a person with a Business and Operations profile who ideally:

  • Has knowledge of the biotechnology field: the goal is to establish this company in partnership with a marine biotechnology researcher and their research team.

  • Has > > 5 years of experience in this sector with an understanding of stakeholders, financing strategies, and licensing.

  • Has a positive, enthusiastic, open, approachable, humble attitude, and enjoys working collaboratively.

  • Desires to work on a project that aligns with their personal values and ideals!

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